24 hours online? Always Online? Sounds new? Yes. WhatsApp Trick has been discovered that we can stay always online when even keeping the Whatsapp application in the background. Our Contacts will be wondering how we can be always online. A good trick to fool someone, ain’t it?

always Online in WhatsApp

This feature or whether trick. It is mostly used for couples and lovers who wish to talk to each other all the time seeking each other attentions. We can say they will really enjoy it. This feature is available for WhatsApp only. We can say that there could be even more tricks to be seen and shown.

What is the use of being Always Online?

Well, Often it is just a trick. We can trick on someone by staying always online. Or, Can trick our partner that we are always online. They will believe it for sure after seeing us Always online in the chat constant. This trick works even when we put Whatsapp in the background and still Always online appears. A wonderful Trick to be shown.

What is WhatsApp?

what is whatsapp

WhatsApp is a social media application and is used by millions of users around the globe and still in the no.1 and trending as well. WhatsApp lets you have conversations and media sharing including music, videos, documents, etc. And it is also popular for its best and highlighted features such as Privacy and Security.

Privacy and Security features in WhatsApp let you go beyond your imagination and work at their best and also let you use backup and restore features in WhatsApp. Everybody loves WhatsApp. And it has become a primary application for every mobile user.

How to Use Always Online in WhatsApp?

always online whatsapp

Let’s get into the main topic of how to use Always Online feature in Whatsapp.

For that, we would need to download GBWhatsApp.

Step 1: Download GBWhatsApp from gbplus.net

Step 2: Install GBWhatsApp and Verify Your Number.

Step 3: Once the verification is done, Go to the main page.

Step 4: Click on three dots notification displayed on the right side.

Step 5: Click on GBSettings and Click on Universal.

Step 6: Scroll down and enable the Always Online.

Step 7: Come to the main page and open three-dot notification and click on Restart WhatsApp.

The process is successful, Once restarted. Keep the WhatsApp in the background and Open Some other WhatsApp and save this number and check, you can see Always Online displayed on contact. Now your contacts will be tricked. Can make good fun of fooling them around. Quite fun, ain’t it?

Final Verdict

WhatsApp has become the most used social media application by millions of users and is being used as a primary application for every WhatsApp Mobile user. Users are really loving the WhatsApp for it’s best privacy and settings features and more like Always online tricks etc. Conversations in WhatsApp are easier than for any other application.

WhatsApp Camera and Video Recordings has the best quality and delivers a quite beautiful quality. Users can share media such as photos, videos, documents and music. No wonder it had millions of users. Download and try now.