Download FM WhatsApp APK v8.26 for Android | 2020

FM Whatsapp APK (FMWhatsapp) is a well modified and a User-Friendly application to give you a user free experience with the best features and specifications, like any other WhatsApp. FM Whatsapp provides you with many features like Privacy, Security, WhatsappWeb, Starred Messages. I could tell you this is the best application of WhatsApp that give you a decent and exotic experience. Download the Latest 2020 Version of FM Whatsapp from our website.

You might have thought what does FM Whatsapp 2020 version make difference from other WhatsApp. The New the Mod the more features are enmeshed in it, I personally tried FM Whatsapp APK 2020 and found out that it gives good experience with it. And the popularity of FM Whatsapp is huge than a normal WhatsApp because everybody wants extra features and that is why here we are providing you with the best and latest FM WhatsApp. Download it and try now. You can also try various mods of WhatsApp from our website here.

Download FMWhatsApp 2020 APK latest Version

What’s new in 2020 FM WhatsApp?

Well, Like any other Designed WhatsApp. FM WhatsApp 2020 APK has more value than any other because of its exciting features and quality of the package, as it provides you Privacy, Security, WhatsApp Web, Starred Messages, etc. You will see an absolute difference between an original and modified and people nowadays have such a craze for Modified ones because it has many features than a normal one has, Go Beyond. Cool, ain’t it? And we are working on more features and specifications to give you extra outstanding performance at its finest. Because the world needs the best of best every often, we can not compromise, can we?. Download the latest 2020 version of FM WhatsApp and enjoy Right now.

FM WhatsApp APK 2020 Information

APK NameFM WhatsApp
Apk Size54 MB
Supports Android Version5.0 and +
Total Downloads10,000,000
Last updatedToday

FM WhatsApp 2020 APK Exotic Features

Now, Let’s talk about Features that got us so interesting. FMWhatsApp 2020 has Privacy feature that keeps you away from unwanted contacts and locks your profile status. Here in privacy that mentions Your Activity, Profile Photo, etc. Then It is Security, it is the most important thing that has ever been strived in WhatsApp. Security is in 2020 FMWhatsApp that is you can lock your WhatsApp inside with a code of 6 Digit, Which can protect you from unwanted users log onto yours and end-to-end encryption to give you a security code.

Then It is WhatsApp Web, You can view your FMWhatsApp 2020 bersion on your PC with just a QR scanner code and can comfort yourself with sharing and download in a manner. So cool, ain’t it?. Then it is Starred Messages, this is a cool feature and it is used when you want to star or highlight the text to see it later again, you can view this in Starred Messages under Security.


Privacy has all your profile data in it, Profile Status Profile Picture, Last seen Activities, you could see every each step in privacy it also includes Groups and Live locations, that’s cool to hear, ain’t it? Download 2020 version of FM Whatsapp and try it now.


fmwhatsapp security

Security in FMWhatsApp 2020 is an excellent feature you could ever look into, It has End-To-End encryption which makes your profile encrypted and avoid messages and calls from unknown people. And can lock your profile with a code of 6 digits and no other can view your 2020 FMWhatsApp without your allowance.

WhatsApp Web

whatsapp web in fmwhatsapp

This is one of the Cool feature present in FM WhatsApp, You could connect your android WhatsApp to PC with QR code present in your Android WhatsApp. And you can now type or share the documents so easier. Big screen multitasking. Cool, ain’t it? Interesting it is, easier it gets. You can also connect it on your Apple Desktop.

Starred Messages

fmwhatsapp starred messages

We often can not be able to star the messages for us to view it again and again but in FM WhatsApp you can Star the message and it will be saved in Starred Messages. This helps us avoid searching for the texts in the conversation, I tried this and this is very helpful to me. It will help you as well, Innovative is our motive. Download and try the Latest 2020 Version of FM WhatsApp now.

Download the latest version of FM WhatsApp 2020

 Latest Version of FM Whatsapp

Click to Download The Latest Version of FM Whatsapp

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Installation guide for installing FM WhatsApp 2020 APK

Step 1: First download the App from our website and also mentioned above. Let then download proceed, Now we need to enable the unknown sources, so we can install.

Step 2: Go to Settings >> on your phone and Security >> enable the Unknown sources.

Step 3: Go to download folder in your phone, Open FMWhatspp.Apk and click on next and after the process click finish.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Security Encryption is real in FMWhatsapp

Yes, It is real, you can secure your profile with end-to-end encrypted gives your profile tight security.

Are Starred Messages feature really available?

Yes, it is available and you can see it under Security Tab. Open and see your starred message in the Latest Version of FM Whatsapp.

WhatsApp Web work for iOS?

Yea, FM Whatsapp will work for iOS and android both, you need to have internet connection in both devices and can use as smooth as better.

Does Privacy last seen work?

Yes, you can enable and disable your last seen and you can do this in the privacy tab of FM Whatsapp APK.

Final Verdict

FM WhatsApp 2020 APK has become very popular and very well-liked modded application by everyone. Indeed it gives the best features and performance to the user experience, the feature that includes Privacy, Security, WhatsApp Web, Starred messages. All these features have been a big hit in FMWhatsApp 2020 APK for Android and we are much more to bring you in the further updates, I personally use this app and I recommend you. We have always been up to our motive in innovating and we are keeping modding the applications. You can also try GBWhatsApp, WhatsApp Plus and more at our website only, Download the 2020 Latest Version of FM WhatsApp (FMWhatsapp) now and enjoy it.

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