Whatsapp Plus 2020 is a very well known and as popular as GB Whatsapp. Whatsapp Plus is the Modded application provides you with the extra cool features than any of the other Whatsapp mod. That’s so cool hear, ain’t it? It has dramatically improved than any other WhatsApp modded App. The Whatsapp Plus 2020 APK must give you a thought of more it is equipped with. If you’re looking to download WhatsApp Plus, you came to the right place. In this website of ours will provide you with every finished and updated latest up-to-date applications to you at the finest sizes. Download the latest 2020 version of Whatsapp Plus for Android.

It has become trending every often because the features are to excite us, even I use the WhatsApp plus. WhatsApp Plus 2020 APK occupies less space on your device as well the Whatsapp Plus is designed to loot the fewer internet packets for chatting purpose but may not include media sharing. Download the 2020 latest version of Whatsapp Plus on our website, We also have other modded applications of Whatsapp and more. So, don’t forget to check them out too.

Download WhatsApp Plus APK 2020 Version

What’s New in Whatsapp Plus APK 2020

WhatsApp Plus Apk 2020 Updated version is modded and designed to give you extra and enjoyable features which even normal Whatsapp doesn’t have. Such features as Broadcasting messages, Contact Sharing, Music Sharing, Document Sharing, and few more. It is all equipped with our latest version of WhatsApp Plus. Also WhatsApp Plus 2020 special feature is taking the internet packets for texts to send and receive is too less. That’s too cool, ain’t it?. WhatsApp Plus can send and receive files at a limited size but will happen without any compression of quality and packing. This is something that is not in any other app.

WhatsApp Plus 2020 APK Information

APK NameWhatsApp Plus
Apk Size54MB
Apk Version8.30
Support Android5.0 and +
Total Downloads
Last Updated29 Mar 2020

WhatsApp Plus 2020 Features

Here we go, Features of WhatsApp 2020 Plus. This put Ecstacy on your face and joy of installation in your phone because there are more to let you try. Let’s begin it, Sharing of Files of big sizes up to 30-50MB is available, can send off your PDF with no tensions. Audio files, you can send the music, audio clips with big size to another contact. Because Music is important to live, ain’t it? And you can use the Read Receipts feature too in case you need more privacy. Whatsapp Plus 2020 for Android got you covered.

Whatsapp Plus has Read Receipts which you can call as incognito mode alike, turning off the Read Receipts will not give you blue ticks on your message. But can show yourself online while you’re online. This is an interesting feature noticed and highlighted in the updated version of WhatsApp Plus 2019. And as well, like any other application, WhatsApp Plus 2020 has Contact Sharing inbuilt in the app. You can send the Contact details along with his/her numbers. Location Sharing, Sounds interesting right? You can send your current location to another contact and can navigate to reach.

Contact Sharing

Sounds Exotic, Whatsapp Plus has it available. You can now send your contacts to each other in new Whatsapp Plus. And you don’t even need to worry about it as it doesn’t take much internet packets. Either size of contact to look into, Can send more Contacts. No other Application has this feature but our WhatsApp Plus has it. We modify the best to give you a very good experience with no limits. Try the 2020 WhatsApp Plus for Sure.

Audio Sharing

Talking about Audio, We often share more of recording clips, songs, and etc. Some applications restrict it from third-party software. But We have no Limits and Restrictions to send or receive the audio in here in the Latest Version of WhatsApp Plus APK 2020. Because music is important to life, daily lifestyle and people who can’t type all the time (lazy ones) can send their audio clip by clicking on recording option available in WhatsApp Plus. Clips can be sent like that to another contact. This is too easy, right? Well, Innovation is our motive, we will keep you updated with more features. Try the New WhatsApp Plus 2020 Now for Android!

Read Receipts

You heard it right. Unlike any other application, 2020 WhatsApp Plus version has Read Receipts function enabled in Settings. Let’s take a look at the purpose of Reading Receipts. We often like to hide from some contacts because maybe they are too annoying or anything else, Enabling Read Receipts will not show your texts/message in blue ticks. Another contact person will never know you have seen his message and he can not see the time of the message you viewed. This is a cool feature, I use this to avoid some contacts, you must try this in 2020 WhatsApp Plus. Download and try it, it is getting too much fun, right?

File Sharing

Often Students or entrepreneur use the File Sharing a lot, It has become a daily wanted the feature. Normally other applications restrict the size of the file and can not be able to send or receive. But, in WhatsApp Plus 2020, you can send or receive the file at a size limited by WhatsApp Plus, This is too good. You can send any type of file to other contacts without any restriction.

Download the Latest 2020 Version of WhatsApp Plus APK

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Frequently Asked Questions about WhatsApp Plus 2020 APK

What is WhatsApp Plus Apk 2020?

WhatsApp Plus is modified with more features to keep you not bore and have a happy conversation and file, audio and more sharing enables inside, try it

Does it really have File sharing like PDF?

Yes, Huge Yes, You can send PDF and more formats to your contact with no worries in Whatsapp Plus

Contact sharing is real?

Yes, Huge Yes, You can send PDF and more formats to your contact with no worries in Whatsapp Plus. Contact sharing is real? If yes, how many I can send at a time.
Obviously, you can send the contract receipt to the other contact so easy and so simple with a few clicks. Can send more than one with no worries.

Read Receipts Feature is true or fake?

Read Receipt is a real feature enabled in WhatsApp Plus, can turn it on and off anytime you need it to. Download Whatsapp Plus APK now and try it.

Installation Guide for installing 2020 WhatsApp Plus in your phone

Step 1: You will have to download the WhatsApp Plus Apk from our website. Downloaded WhatsApp Plus Apk will be saved in your Download Folder.

Step 2: Before Opening the WhatsApp Plus Apk from your Download folder, you will need to enable the unknown sources in your phone. Go into your phone Settings app >> then go to Security >> Enable Allow Installation from Unknown Resources.

Step 3: Now, Open the Download Folder, Find WhatsApp Plus.APK and open it and continue on the next, after the installation, click finish.

Final Verdict

WhatsApp Plus APK 2020 for Android is a very great communication application. Unlike any other application, it is main sole role of Plus mentioned was to give you the extra features than a normal WhatsApp has. The more you use the more you get it interesting, with it’s a file, audio, contact sharing, read receipts feature. It gives you an extra chill reason to use it, that’s cool, ain’t it? 2020 WhatsApp Plus updates are up to date and we will be working on more features and will provide you with extra outstanding performance. Our Motive is to provide innovation at it’s finest. Keep trying the Latest APK and other modded apps from our site too. Download the Latest 2020 Version of WhatsApp Plus and Enjoy.