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FMWhatsApp 2 APK 2020 Version more commonly known as (FMWA2) is designed and enhanced to give the user interface an Eco-friendly experience unlike other WhatsApp, FMWhatsApp 2 Latest 2020 Version really gives you outstanding results with its features and service, it is well modded by the developers and is still working on for next updates unlike official version of WhatsApp where developers push updates and feature slow, It will not happen in modded application because we designed it like that for the user free experience with the features.

Being an FMWhatsApp 2 APK 2020 user I can tell you, it is really helpful for me for having conversations and sending files and lag-free experience well developed by the developers, such as privacy, security, change number feature, chat history as well. These are the features that has-been highlighted in 2020 FMWhatsApp 2 and names by itself tell us it is our need. You can also try the other mod applications from, Download the latest version of OGWA and try now.

Download FMWhatsApp 2 2020 APK

OGWhatsApp 2020 APK

What is FMWhatsApp 2 2020 APK?

OGWhatsApp 2020 APK

FMWhatsApp 2 2020 for android is a well known and become popular among mod applications. FMWhatsApp 2 has a vast array of services that include Privacy that can keep your stuff in private and can make people not seen your profile or your texts, I like this. And now Security, it is top-notch and gives you the real benefit of having it, you have no worry about any other third party can view your account. Because your account is safe with FMWhatsApp 2 2020 Version Security. And now Chat History, you can delete all your chats, archive all the chats, clear all chats in one click, and can even export chats.

Talking about the best feature I must agree, and the final feature inbuilt is Change Number. In case if you had lost the previous number but WhatsApp is active then you need this feature to change it into the new number, do not need to worry about the Chats, everything will remain same without change only the number will change. Download the Latest 2020 Version of FMWhatsApp 2 now and try it.

FMWhatsApp 2 2020 APK Information

APK NameFMWhatsApp 2
Apk Size54MB
Support Android Version5.0 and +
Is It SafeYes
Last updated1 Day Ago

FMWhatsApp 2 2020 APK Features

When it is about features, FMWhatsApp 2 APK 2020 has many features big enough deal to impress you and is ready to make an eco-friendly user experience. Like any other WhatsApp, FMWhatsApp 2 2020 APK is really special and even has more features to offer you in future. Features such as Privacy, privacy is there to keep your profile, on-line status, post status in private and you can even keep it off to a certain people and they can be able to see it unless you give them permission. Second feature Security, Is really beneficial and trustable so no other third party can log into your account, there are more like encryption account in security tab you can see it and every feature is beneficial. Download Latest version of 2020 FMWhatsApp 2 APK now.

In FMWhatsApp 2 2020 Latest Version there’s a feature called Chat History. Sometimes when we need to clear all chats, you can do it here, you can even export your chats to a new device and can achieve the chats. And now the final highlighted feature is Change Number, FMWhatsApp 2 has this feature and is really useful. You can change your number without any loss of data. This had become really helpful to so many users including me. You must try this as well. Download the latest version of FMWhatsApp 2 2020 and try now.


FMWhatsApp 2 2020 Version has the best privacy settings that are to protect your posts and online status, last seen status, you can keep it according to your settings put in the privacy tab, you can even select Exception contacts, and those contacts can not be able to see your status. You must try this feature of OGWA 2020 APK.


FMWhatsApp 2 2020 APK security is at its peaks gives you the encrypted and high protection that no other third-party applications or users can see your profile or account without your allowance or permission. This is a truly helpful thing in FMWhatsApp 2 it gives us relief and has our conversations and media sharing safe and best.

Chat History

Chat History is a truly outstanding feature of the latest 2020 version of OG Whatsapp. And it is very easy for the users to clear all chats or archive or export your chats to your new account device easier. This is so cool, ain’t it? Unlike any other app, FMWhatsApp 2 has great features in nature, Download and try FMWhatsApp 2 2020 Version now.

Change Number

This is one of the Coolest features of 2020 OGWA APK we are talking about. Suppose you lost your old phone number but still your WhatsApp is inactive, you can change it into new number with this feature in Settings and it will be done with an OTP (One Time Password) and the number will be linked and you will not lose any of your previous texts and conversation. This is so cool, ain’t it? So, if you have the latest 2020 version of OG Whatsapp, you can do it easily.

Download the Latest 2020 Version of FMWhatsApp 2

 FMWhatsApp 2

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Frequently Asked Questions about FMWhatsApp 2 2020 Version

Changing number, will our previous data deletes?

No, not at all, your data while using FMWA 2 and conversation is fine and only the number will be changed so will your members will also know you have changed your number.

Chat history? Does export chat work?

Yes, Export Chat works in FMWhatsApp 2 APK and you can happily export your chats to new your device in the following ways that show at the time.

Privacy last seen can be turned off?

Yes, for that you need to turn off the setting in FMWhatsApp 2 APK and nobody can see your last seen unless you are online at the time

Security is good?

Yes, Security is top-notch provided in FMWhatsApp 2. Your conversations and media are on the safe side without any risk.

Installation Guide for installing 2020 Version Of FMWhatsApp 2

Step 1: Download the FMWhatsApp 2 APK 2020 from the website. While the download is in progress, you would need to allow the unknown sources for FMWhatsApp 2 to install on your device.

Step 3: Go to the Settings app on your phone >> and Security >> and enable the Unknown Sources.

Step 4: Open the Download folder now and open the FMWhatsApp 2 APK and click on next.

Just sit back and relax for a while the installation does not take more than a minute. Then click finish.

Final Verdict

FMWhatsApp 2 2020 Version has truly been a great service to the users and users are really loving every single side of 2020 FMWhatsApp 2 APK because of the lag-free experience and the features that made them happy. This is another improved version of WhatsApp designed to give you no limits towards your usage and we modify the best of best for you all to experience even higher than this, because innovation has been our motive, you can even try the other mod of WhatsApp from our website. FMWhatsApp 2 2020 Version has been great for its features such as Privacy, Security, Chat History, Change number. We chose the best, we mod it best. Download the 2020 Version of FMWhatsApp 2 APK now and try.

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