GB Plus APK: It has really had become famous and trending among users and users are still increasing on GB Plus APK because of it’s the finest service given to users. GB Plus is a User-Friendly application that gives users a bunch of features equipped and to make the conversations and media sharing ease and smooth to the users. The latest version of GB Plus APK has been Modded with the best to give it’s best to the users and response was quite good so we decided to give you here the latest version of GB Plus APK for Android.

We, personally recommend you updated version of GB Plus because it has so much to give you the best, it has no lag, well modified and does not occupy much space in internal storage. And also take less amount of internet packs to send or receive the texts. GB plus APK has the best Privacy, Security, Notifications sound and conversation tones, Status Colors. Download the latest version of GB Plus APK and try it now.

Download GB Plus APK Latest Version

Download GB plus latest version

What’s New in the Latest Version of GB Plus?

Gb plus whats's new

Unlike any other application, GB Plus APK for Android is Unique and different. It has many features enveloped in it that includes Privacy, Security and much more cool features. GB Plus will never bore down you because it has always something to search upon to give you time pass and education about GB Plus. The conversations are safe and secure that it’s security will never let any third party or person can view your profile without your permission.

GB Plus offers privacy that gives you the best way of hiding the blue ticks or can keep the posts away from certain people. Notification sounds and conversation tones are updated with more of it to make you feel your tones cool to hear. And WhatsApp Status Color gives you more colours for your status text, the background, and the font both can be modified. Download the latest version of GB Plus APK now.

GB Plus Information

APK NameGB WhatsApp Plus
Apk Size54MB
Supports Android Version5.0 and +
Total Downloads
Last updated28 Mar 2020

GB Plus Features

Gb plus features

GB Plus features are really astonishing every single one, Their main features are Privacy, Security, Notification sounds and conversation tones, Status Color, privacy. It has enough settings to keep any unwanted person away from viewing our status and profile. You can find it in settings and really is a useful feature. Then talking about Security, security really often is a very needful feature and we have it the best in GB Plus. It does his job well from keeping unwanted third party use your account so now your account is in safe hands.

Now the third feature of GB Plus Highlighted is Notification sounds and conversation tones. It has more sounds for your texts and tones for calls so you can try all new sounds that make it a good job. Then Status Color, with this feature you can change the font and background colours like you need it to be. It has been doing a good job to give him you more excitement at every side. Download the latest version of GB Plus APK.


Gb plus privacy

Privacy in GB Plus is quite impressive and does the job in every manner like it give you settings, so you can keep away your last seen profile status or profile posts from anyone you don’t like. That’s a quite good feature we found here and many more features are on its way as an update. Cool, ain’t it?


Gb plus security

Security in GB Plus is modified to give you its best at every corner, Your account will be encrypted and that let no other third party can view your profile and no other person can open your GB Plus. We are working on even more things to add in Security, The best has no limit, right? Download GB Plus APK and try it now to know more.

Notification sounds and Conversation tones

Gb plus notifications

WhatsApp Plus is filled with more Notification sounds and Conversation Tones that let you change tones and sounds often for your texts and your calls. You could even keep an sound for your special contact that let make you sure that you had been received a text from them. Interesting feature, isn’t it? Download the updated version of GB Plus APK 2019 and try now.

Status Color

Gb plus status colour

Posts that have no background colour are not even a post, Are they? no worries folks, GB Plus APK gives you more colours for your font and background colour can also be changed. So you can post every post with every new font and new background colour that makes your contacts see good and receive a proud. This is one interesting feature. Isn’t it?

Download the latest version of GB Plus APK

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Frequently Asked Questions about GB Plus APK

Does GB Plus have more sounds and tones?

Yes, GB Plus APK have got you covered. More are available for you and you can change it very often to keep your ears chill.

Is security a big concern in GB Plus APK?

Yes, Security in GB Plus gives you time to time endurance and keep you away from an unwanted third party.

Can I hide the status in privacy?

Yes. In the updated version of GB Plus APK, you can hide it for certain people and they will never be able to see it until you give them an allowance to do so.

Can font colours be changed in GB Plus APK?

Yeah, font colours can be changed and GB WhatsApp Plus gives you more colours for it and also you can make it Bold or Italic as per your choice.

Installation guide for installing GB Plus APK for Android

Step 1: You need to download the GB Plus from this website. You will need to turn on the unknown sources to allow the WhatsApp Plus Installation.

Gb plus installation img

Step 3: Go to Settings app >> on your phone and go to security >> and turn on the Unknown Sources.

Gb plus installing img

Step 4: Open Download folder now, Open GBPlus.Apk and click on next and after the process click on finish.

Final Verdict

GB Plus has been a great modded application among other Applications. Also, the GB Plus has been in trending and still users are hiking more and more. Thanks to its features developed and enveloped in the latest version of GB Plus APK 2019, Such as Privacy, Security, Notification sound and conversation tones and Status Color and there are more which I did not mention so you would have to use it and know understand.

It is a user-friendly application to give you the best experience while using it and we modified it like that for you. You can also try other mods of WhatsApp at our website. Innovation is our motive and we will be always working on more features to provide you lag-free and smooth experience while using the updated version of GB Plus APK. This is so cool, and it?. Download the GB Plus now and try it.