How to Backup and Restore WhatsApp

Many of us wondering, if there is really a chance to protect WhatsApp messages by back up and restore it when necessary. Of course, Whatsapp let you use the special features of back up and restore messages and will briefly explain to you how.

WhatsApp Privacy and Security let you use the Restore and Backup features and can be used in short ways and is reliable features as that come with expectations of good internet speed for the processes to be done.

Why Backup is important?

People who haven’t known about BackUp before. They lost their chats and media for some phone issues either switched to a new phone and could not get back their previous WhatsApp data. So that is why Whatsapp introduced Backup feature, Now even when we switch to a new phone. We will get back our conversations and media back as it was.

For that, we would need to create a backup to do next. Once you are in Whatsapp, Open Whatsapp and go settings and Click on Chat Backups and click on Backup. Back up will be created and can be used anywhere any phone you want it back. And users who can not go to back up, and click on backup every time. They can go to google drive settings present in chat backups and keep time and date for an automatic backup.

How to Backup Whatsapp

how to backup whatsapp chat

Step 1: Open WhatsApp and Go to Settings.

Step 2: Go to Chats in the settings and Click on Chat Backup.

Step 3: Once Chat Backup is opened, we will see instant chat back up.

Step 4: Click on Back Up and give permissions.

Step 5: Back up Finished.

And one more thing as we entered the chat backup category, We can also see Google Drive settings, where we can give time and date for backup. Automatically on the prescribed date and time, Backup will be initiated and saves us time. Easy and worth it. We recommend you to create a 6 digit code in your WhatsApp by entering the security tab. The better thing to be used when we are using back up. So that we can know it is us using our number as well.

How to Restore Whatsapp

how to restore whatsapp chat

To do this process, We would have to do from the beginning with downloading and installing.

Step 1: Download Whatsapp and Install it.

Step 2: Open WhatsApp and Verify your number.

Step 3: Once the verification is done. Restore button will prompt.

Step 4: Click on Restore and your media will be restored successfully in few minutes of the process.

Step 5: Once the Restoration is done. We will get back our all data.

This is how the restore messages are done in WhatsApp and we recommend you to put a 6 digit code for your WhatsApp backup and restore. So that we can know it is us doing the process.

Final Verdict

WhatsApp has become the most used social media application since the 2000s and is still popular for its security and privacy settings along with the neat and good designed logo and infrastructure. We recommend you to use WhatsApp and experience these features. And to do any of the Backup and Restore process, make sure you have a good internet connection. But the process would need a good stable internet connection.

Download the WhatsApp and try now and experience the best developed by the developers.

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