How to Hide Your Online Status In WhatsApp

Users of WhatsApp must be wondering how to hide their online activity to make sure their online status not seen by their contacts. Yes, it is possible to hide your online status in WhatsApp. It’s easy as WhatsApp comes with default named privacy settings where we could talk and see about our profile status. As we know we would have to hide our online activities to not let the contacts know whether we are online or not.

hide online status

WhatsApp is the official version and very popular online social media platform for the users to have a smooth experience with the texts and media sharing. Currently, WhatsApp is being used by millions of users around the globe and is very famous for its best features in privacy and security. And there are types of hiding online status. For example, we can hide our online status for the exception of a certain contact either everyone.

Why Hide Online Status?

We do have some personal issues with some people that are very being very possessive and doubtful for our activities. For example, when we have family in WhatsApp and make sure our online not seen by our parents this Online hiding status will work and not give them any doubts. Same with your lover or any person.

Since WhatsApp is giving us special features pre-installed in the application itself. We wouldn’t need to install any extra third party to hide our online status and activities.

Advantages of Hiding online status in WhatsApp

hide online in whatsapp

There are some good advantages of hiding online status and its as per user and the developer both are same.

  1. Normally, Users of WhatsApp would wish to hide their online activity status and posts status and they wish it not to be seen by their certain contacts and it is possible to hide.
  2. Once they hid their status, their exceptional contacts can not see your online status and ask if you are online or not.
  3. Hiding Online status would less our tension of some possessive contacts.
  4. Hiding Online status can be used on certain contacts either everyone.
  5. Your Last seen will be disabled as well along with online activities. So the person can not see when you left.

These are the advantages that are maintained by Hiding online status and really usable for the users and they must be loving it already.

How to use Hide Online status.

steps for hiding online status

Here, Let us show you how to use hide online status in steps.

Step 1: Download WhatsApp and install on your phone.

Step 2: Go to three dots notification on the right corner in WhatsApp.

Step 3: Go to Account and enter Privacy log.

Step 4: As we can see, there is a Last Seen name written. Tap on it.

Step 5: We can either hide our online status for exceptions or everyone. that’s up to the user.

And then your online status and last seen status will be disappeared once the steps are done. So the fellow contacts or everyone can not see you online.

Final Verdict

WhatsApp is an official launched social media platform for the users to have a delightful and funny chat between the users and give them good security and best privacy. There are even more features along with hiding Online status, etc. Where the users can feel convenient with its every feature. That is how WhatsApp was designed and developed.

WhatsApp is a very famous and demanding application by users around the globe. And the users are in millions. WhatsApp is reliable for it’s best to experience. Download WhatsApp and try now.

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