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How to Hide Your Online Status On WhatsApp | WhatsApp Privacy

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Hide Online Status in Your Whatsapp-Best WhatsApp Privacy Setting-Works Everytime-Now keep your online activity private by turning “ON” this setting in your WhatsApp.

In the modern era, everyone wants to keep their activities private on WhatsApp. Each of them has different reasons to hide their online status on WhatsApp. Literally, People now want a quick reply to their message. So if you are online but can not able to answer them. Then they receive a wrong message from us…by the way, you know whats the drill is?

So everyone needs a solution to this problem and you are on this page means you also want a solution to that problem. So to fix the problem in the future, today we are going to share with you ” How to Hide Your Online Status on WhatsApp”. We guide you in a better way to protect your privacy in simple methods. So let’s see how to hide online status in WhatsApp.

How To Hide Your Online Status in Your Whatsapp

how to hide your online status on whatsapp

We use WhatsApp for many reasons, especially to chat with our friends, relatives, and others. We notice that on the message inbox of our friend that on the upper side we see the last seen of our friends. When he was active last time on WhatsApp.

So WhatsApp allows the user to see the last seen of their users to make our communication more transparent. But some of us don’t want to show our online status to their contact. So below we are going to guide you on how to hide online status on your WhatsApp.

Attend the following easy steps to hide your online status on Whatsapp. Let’s see the steps.

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Step By Step Guide to Know How to Hide Your Online Status On WhatsApp

Step: 01

Launch your WhatsApp Application from the Android or iPhone app drawer.

Step: 02

After opening the Whatsapp Application see three vertical dots on the upper right side corner of the screen. Click on the three dots.

Step: 03

Then you will see the list of options choose the “Settings” and click on it.

Step: 04

Then your account settings will be opened. Click on the “Account” option.

Step: 05

After that choose the ” Privacy” option.

Step: 06

Here we meet to the function that we want. In the option, you will see the ” Last Seen”. Click on it.

Step: 07

After clicking on it you will see the small snippet box will be opened. Choose “ Nobody” to hide your WhatsApp online status from your contacts.

These are the few simple steps to hide online status in your WhatsApp. So follow it step by step and keep your privacy secret.

Last Words

Guys, here in this post we shared with you a solution on how to hide your WhatsApp status on WhatsApp. This is one of the best ways to keep your privacy secret. By following these steps no one can see your last active status on WhatsApp. Hope you guys love this post. If you think this article is beneficial then share it with you friends and help them to overcome on the same problem that you was faced. For more tips and tricks regarding WhatsApp remember our site GBPlusmod.com. We have lots of tips and tricks on our site. Don’t forget to check out them. Thank you for reading our post. Have a nice day.

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