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How to Install GBWhatsApp Without Losing Chats

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Learn How to Install GB WhatsApp Without Losing Chats, Media-Step by step Guide- WhatsApp Tips and Tricks.

Guys, Using the MOD Whatsapp is the trend now. In the market, there are lots of WhatsApp MOD available such as GB WhatsApp, FMWhatsApp, GOWhatsapp, WhatsApp Prime, and many more. Thousands are folks are switching to the WhatsApp MOD. GBWhtsApp is the most popular application of them. But most people don’t know how to switch on the GB WhatsApp. Most people switch to the GBWhatsapp but they don’t get the old data. Then they feel bad for themself. So if you are going to install GBWhatsApp then you must need to know how to install GBWhatsApp without losing chats and media.

In this post, We are going to talk about how to install GB WhatsApp without losing the chats. We will guide you completely on to how can switch WhatsApp to GB WhatsApp without losing chat. Ready the post till the end and know completely. Our GBPlusmod.con site has lots of WhatsApp MOD Apk for you so visit our site and download it now.

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Before going to guide you if you don’t have the latest updated version of GBWhatsApp, then visit our site GBPlusmod.com and download it. Also by clicking on the below download button you can get the latest version of GBWhatsApp.

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To secure your data on WhatsApp that you are using currently, you have to secure them first. You can secure them by taking a full backup of WhatsApp Chats and Media. If you don’t have any idea about how to backup WhatsApp data then follow the below steps and take a full backup of your WhatsApp Data.

How To Backup WhatsApp Data on An Android

Below have a few short steps to get your full WhatsApp Data Backup. Don’t miss any step of them.

  1. Open your WhatsApp where all WhatsApp data content from the App Drawer.
  2. After opening your WhatsApp click on the 3 Dots on the upper right corner to go to the settings
  3. After clicking on that you need to click on the setting option to open the setting menu.
  4. Then select the Chat option.
  5. Then you will able to see the Back Chat Option.
  6. Smash on it, it will start to take a full backup of your site.
  7. Wait to finish the full back up.

Now let’s see how to install GBWhatsApp on Android without Lossing Chat.

How to Install GBwhatsApp without Lossing Chats on Android

How to Install GBWhatsApp Without Losing Chats

Here are the few steps to successfully install the GBWhatsApp on your device without losing the Chat and Media. Obey all steps to done successfully installation of GBWhatsApp.

  1. Download the latest version of GB WhatsApp.
  2. Install the GBWhatsApp on your device.
  3. Open your GBWhatsApp and do the registration process.
  4. Fill in your mobile number and verify it by OTP.
  5. After successful registration, you will see the option to Copy WhatsApp Data. Click on it.
  6. Then you come to the Restore Backup Screen. Click on the Restore Button to restore your all WhatsApp data on GBWhatsApp.
  7. After a click it will start to restore your all data.
  8. Now after the full restoration of WhatsApp Data. You will able to see your chats.

These are the few steps to know how to install GB WhatsApp Without losing chats. If you want to switch your WhatsApp to GBWhatsApp. Then we recommend you follow this process.

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Last Words

Whatsapp is the royal King application to communication. But in the current trend, thousands of people love to use the WhatsApp MOD Application like GBWhatsApp. But they don’t know how to switch WhatsApp to GBWhatsApp without loss of chat. So here we try to guide you all on how to install GB WhatsApp without loss of chat, media. Give us feedback about the post by placing the opinion in the comments. We always come with the latest WhatsApp Tips & Tricks for WhatsApp lovers. Visit our site GBPlusmod.com for the latest updated version of WhatsApp MOD APK. Also, see the all WhatsApp Tips. We are very thankful to you for being with us. Thank you. Have a nice day. See you in the next post.

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