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Top 10 WhatsApp MOD APK in 2024 Latest Updated | Anti-Ban

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Nowadays, WhatsApp MOD Apks are used by thousands of people for their communication needs. We all know that WhatsApp is the top communication application used by billions of folks around the world. It is the worldwide popular communication king application. But today WhatsApp MOD Apk is the craze and trend in the modern era. So everyone searches on the internet for the “Best WhatsApp MOD Apk“. Therefore we come here to share with you a Top 10 WhatsApp Mod Applications for you to choose the best WhatsApp MOD Apk for you.

In this post, we will try to give a solution to your every query regarding the WhatsApp MOD. Our site GBPlusmod.com is specially formulated for the WhatsApp MOD and Instagram MOD. You will get the latest WhatsApp Tips & Tricks on our site. Well in this post, we will show you the best WhatsApp MOD Applications that are useful and beneficial. You will get the top 10 WhatsApp MOD Apk from our site and also get the short information about them from this post. For the details visit GBPlusmod.com

What is WhatsApp MOD Apk?

It is the most common question that comes to every mind and everyone is queried about what is the WhatsApp MOD Application. In simple words, WhatsApp is the modified version of the original WhatsApp that has more stuff and features that completely removes the limitations present in the official WhatsApp. We agree that official WhatsApp gives us many features but still, it has some limitations. And the modern generation wants to walk beyond it. Due to some privacy policy issues, WhatsApp is not allowed to jump beyond it.

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Therefore many other WhatsApp developers jumped into the market. They did a few modifications in WhatsApp and developed their own WhatsApp MOD Application. In this way, many amazing WhatsApp MODS are created with different ultimate features. They modify the actual features that the users want. Therefore currently everyone is looking for the WhatsApp MOD.

Now we will know shortly about the few famous WhatsApp MOD application below. That exists in the market with the bulk group of Folks of WhatsApp MOD Lover. Let’s see the ” Top 10 WhatsApp MOD Apk

Top 10 WhatsApp MOD APK Anti-Ban in 2024 – Official Updated

top whatsapp mod apks

We gonna share the top Whatsapp MOD Apk with you below. These are the famous WhatsApp MOD with their ultimate features. Also, we share with you the direct download link of WhatsApp MOD Apk. So download it directly.

1. FMWhatsApp Apk


FMWhatsApp is one of the oldest and best WhatsApp MOD. It is similar to the official WhatsApp but it has many more extra bundles of features that make it more unique than the official WhatsApp. It has many cool privacy features and attractive themes and fonts to change the UI of WhatsApp.

Different Features of FMWhatsapp Than the original WhatsApp

  • Multiple Attractive Theme- Choose different themes to make your WhatsApp user interface attractive.
  • Anti Ban Features- With this feature no chance of getting banned from WhatsApp.
  • Share large video
  • Share multiple images at a time
  • Share images without compression
  • Many hiding features
  • Support to modern devices
  • Cool Fonts- To change the regular fonts of WA, by changing the cool fonts of FMWA
  • Many More

2. GBWhatsApp Apk


The second old and famous WhatsApp is GBWhatsApp. GBWhatsapp is the app that completely overcomes all the shortcomings present in the official WhatsApp. It helps you to achieve the desired WhatsApp on your phone. See the complete advanced features in GBWA.

Features of GBWhatsApp Apk

  • New Look- Change the complete look of your WhatsApp by using the beautiful themes
  • Lock System – Lick your WhatsApp with the security password to open the WhatsApp
  • Set lock to specific chat- Protect your private chat by setting a password at the chat
  • Send large size media with your contacts on GBWhatsApp
  • DND Mode- Use this mode to fall yourself into peace. No calls will be received after turning on this mode
  • Share Live Location with your contacts on GBWA
  • Many More

3. YoWhatsApp Apk

yo whatsapp

YoWhatsApp is similar to the above WhatsApp MOD but it has its specialty, like a unique interface and icon. After the GBWhatsApp, YoWhatsApp is the most popular WhatsApp in 2024. Currently, all the Supreme features are perfectly working on the YoWhatsApp.

Ultimate Features of YoWhatsApp Apk

  • New UI- use the attractive themes from the list and apply them to the UI of YoWhatsApp
  • Unique Icon- See the YoWhatsapp with the new icon. That will look different in your app drawer.
  • Cool Fonts- With the new version of YoWhatsapp new stylish fonts are added. The new version is available here.
  • Unique Privacy – Hide online active status, Typing status, Recording status.
  • Share 50MB video size limit
  • Share 100MB Audio Video
  • Quick Reply
  • Anti Ban
  • Anti Revoke
  • More

4. WhatsApp Aero Apk

whatsapp aero

It is the new WhatsApp MOD in our list that has recently got popular in the market. Bozkurt Hazar developed this popular WhatsApp MOD. It is the trending WhatsApp MOD Application. It got a trend due to its unique attractive user interface with a clean and neat background. If you are in search of trying out a new WhatsApp MOD then try WhatsApp Aero Apk. Get from the below download button.

Features of WhatsApp Aero Apk

  • Schedule your Message
  • Auto Reply
  • Clean and neat but attractive UI
  • Swipe To Reply
  • Share high-resolution photos
  • New Funny Emojis
  • Send Stickers
  • Animated Stickers
  • GIF Provider
  • Don’t show your online status
  • Freeze typing status
  • Stylish new fonts
  • Cool themes
  • Applock built-in
  • Chat lock built-in
  • Many More

5. Whatsapp Plus Reborn Apk


It is one of the plus version of WhatsApp MOD Apk. It also has many powerful features like other WhatsApp MOD. If you want to use cool features in your WhatsApp then use WhatsApp Plus Reborn Apk. The download link is given below.

Supreme features of WhatsApp Plus Reborn Apk

  • Anti Revoke- Whatsapp Plus Reborn Apk allows you to revoke the multiple revokes message.
  • Auto Reply – In your busy schedule set a custom message as an auto-reply.
  • Schedule Message – Set a schedule for your messages for a specific time
  • Do Not Disturb (DND)- Turn on this mode in your tight schedule or if you don’t want to receive any messages or calls from WhatsApp.
  • High-Resolution Images – Share high-quality images as it is without any slimming and compression.
  • Unlimited Status Video Limit- Share unlimited video status on your WhatsApp
  • Many More Present

6. Whatsapp Mix Apk

WhatsApp Mix Apk

Generally, it is made with a mixture of all old WhatsApp MOD apk. It has the all best features available in other MOD.  Use the DND mode easily, it has built-in Anti-ban and anti revoke features. Share large videos directly to your friends without any limitations. Also without compressing the images can be shared in WhatsApp Mix Apk.

Features of WhatsApp Mix Apk

  • Anti Ban feature to avoid the ban issue
  • The previous bug is now settled
  • Cool emojis are added with the latest version
  • Now able to share stickers with your friends
  • Use the Auto Reply Feature to send the custom message
  • Share your live location
  • Use best privacy hiding features
  • Security Features – Lock the WhatsApp with app lock, Lock the private chat with the password.
  • More Availabe

7. GO WhatsApp Apk

Go Whatsapp

GO WhatsApp is WhatsApp with a cool unique user interface. With the new version, all the old bugs are settled. Go WhatsApp provides better customization options to make your WhatsApp attractive. With help of GO WA sense messages to people not in your contacts.

Features of GO WhatsApp Apk

  • Take 8 participants in a group video call
  • Create a group on WhatsApp with the name limited of 35 characters
  • Change the appearance of WhatsApp with the themes
  • Change header colors, change the header text size, change header fonts.
  • Customize popup notification with appearance and tone
  • Change the color of the icon
  • Access multiple accounts
  • Disable your read receipt
  • Chat with a non-contact number
  • Schedule Message
  • Many More

8. Fouad WhatsApp Apk


It is the best WhatsApp MOD to use multiple WhatsApp account on your single phone. Now the issue with freezing the online is fixed in it. Fouad Mokdad develops this amazing WhatsApp MOD Apk. Try out this MOD too, if you are interested to experience new and smooth features.

Features come with Fouad WhatsApp Apk

  • Multiple Icons – Change the App Icons to shape your WhatsApp differently in your app drawer.
  • Anti Ban Features
  • Custom sources for stickers and GIF
  • Animated Stickers are supported
  • Disable Last Seen, Recording Status, Typing Status
  • Use differently styled and colored ticks
  • Share your live location
  • More

9. WhatsApp Prime Apk

WhatsApp Prime Apk

Now WhatsApp Prime Apk is ranking up in the WhatsApp MOD Apk. Because it is giving many MOD features in a stable state. So WhatsApp Prime Apk is also listed in our list.

Features of WhatsApp Prime Apk

  • Dozens of beautiful themes to shape your UI Unique
  • Multi-Language
  • Able to give fast reply by swiping
  • Send animated stickers
  • Hiding privacy features are now stable
  • Download All status into the phone
  • Share status more than 30 seconds
  • Many more

10. WhatsApp Gold Apk

gold whatsapp

One of the nicest golden WhatsApp MOD apk on our list. Whatsapp Gold is now downloaded by thousands of people. The gold look and shape of Gold WhatsApp attract more. We insist you download WhatsApp Gold Apk.

Features of WhatsApp Gold Apk

  • In chat box hide typing status, recording status, read receipt, double tick, blue tick
  • Stylized different ticks in the chat box
  • Amazing and attractive themes
  • Share your live location with contacts
  • Multi-language
  • Advanced fast backup
  • And Many More

These are the top 10 WhatsApp MOD Apks on our list. All are the latest updates on our site.

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Last Words

In this post, we knew about the Top 10 Best WhatsApp MOD APK. So check all the WhatsApp MOD Apk we shared with you. These are all the latest updated WhatsApp MOD Apk on our site. So you will easily get it from our site. Try out our Top 10 Best WhatsApp MOD Apk and share with your review. Your reviews will help us to set the list of best Whatsapp MOD Apk on our site. Also, we have many more Latest WhatsApp Tips & Tricks. So check out them too. Thank you so much for connecting with us. Have a nice day. See you soon.

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