How To Two-Step Verification On WhatsApp: How To Turn It On

Two-Step Verification is official WhatsApp security features and I think you must have knowledge about it. These features will help you to more keep your privacy safe. And if you don’t know how to enable Two-Step Verification in WhatsApp. Then don’t worry about this post we will know how to do it with the full guide.

As you WhatsApp is the most popular online chatting platform and it supports every device. And WhatsApp author owns unbilled security features is Two-Step Verification. And where you can set a six-digit PIN to verify your phone number and email id also. Now in this post, we will know all about Two-Step Verification.

How To Two-Step Verification Enabled

Very easy to enable WhatsApp Two-Step Verification, and in this verification will be need a valid phone number or email id. So you can set password with your phone number or email id and if you use your email then you will get a link where you can set your password. Aldo, you can verify with your phone number and in these cases, you will be get an OTP (one-time password).

  • To Enable Two-Step Verification> Setting>Account>WhatsApp Two-Step Verification

Now where you can set your six digit number as your password. And then your WhatsApp account will be more sucure.

How To Decibel WhatsApp Two-Step Verification

To Disable Click on it.

Now if you don’t like this security features then don’t worry about it, you can Decibel it one Click. And think you should never Decibel this virifeca password because this password not only for app this security features for your account. Whatever as you wish if don’t like then just click on Decibel button.

To Decibel WhatsApp Tow Step Verification> Setting> Account> Two-Step Verification Decibel.

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Final Victor

Two-Step Verification is a very important feature for us because lots of people don’t have an idea about security features. And in this verification security make our account safer and I will recommend you to enable these features. I hope you will be able to do this step if like this post then keeps visiting this site because we always share with you all the latest updates. And all information only for educational purposes, Thank You for reading this post have a great day.

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